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550 S Washington St. New Paris, Ohio 45347

“The Cedar Wine” is officially open as of May 25, 2023!

Our hours of operation are Fridays + Saturdays from 4p – 9p, with occasional Thursday events!

The Cedar WIne - About Us

The Cedar Wine is inspired by the rich history of New Paris, Ohio in the early 20th century. During this time, many traveled to the Cedar Springs Hotel located just outside of town, where the 100-room hotel was famous for its spring water properties.

As the railway boom swept the country in 1898, Dayton & Western built a standard-gauge electric interurban railway from Dayton, Ohio to Richmond, Indiana, with a branch to New Paris established in 1903. This connected passengers from afar to the Cedar Springs Hotel and New Paris, Ohio. This railway passed through our present day site where our wine is made, which brings us back to the inspiration of The Cedar Wine, and our label which bears the Interurban Railcar!

Although the railway is no longer here, our wine (and coffee) embody the richness of 100+ years of history - as any refined beverage should! Enjoy a glass of our wine at The Cedar or take a bottle to enjoy with family and friends!

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550 S Washington St. New Paris, OH, 45347